Event Catering Professionals

Alibi Catering is a talented team of hospitality professionals with combined decades of food and beverage experience in Victoria, BC.  We do more than just bring you amazing food, we’ll give you the perfect experience to tell your friends about.  Oh, and our food is incredible.

Food is Important

Meet our Executive Chef Jesse Cole.  He will cater your 5-course plated French dinner, your backyard Texas BBQ, your corporate office lunch, or your rockstar-like standing wedding reception.  Jesse has the skill, knowledge, and attention to detail to execute the perfect dish.

Experience makes it an event.

In event catering, we don’t just bring food, we bring IQ.  Our team has executed over 500 events and celebrations on Vancouver Island and beyond.  Want to add a street food station to your event?  We’ll advise you on what flavours will work. We have mixologists and sommeliers on staff to add some special cocktails to your mixer, and select the perfect vintage.  

We catered Pemberton 2016

Corporate casual can do better.

Take a break from work, and have a hot lunch that goes beyond egg salad sandwiches.   Operations lead, Chris Jones, will seamlessly set a tasty lunch for your team, without disturbing your workspace. Alibi Catering features select corporate options from our hot brunch spot, The Ruby,  or from Victoria’s premier Texas barbecue shack, Jones Bar-B-Que.